Bordeaux – Wine in 10

Today I am going to talk about a region that is today a bit controversial, even though it is one of the wine world classics. It is the region that has become the blueprint for High-End wine production and marketing. Often imitated but never duplicated: Bordeaux! Even though the region is so well known today it is not actually one of the oldest wine-growing regions. The poet Ausonius was one of the first to write about wine production in 310 – 393 AD. The well known Chateau Ausone was also named after him. The vineyard that is today part of Chateau Pape Clement was the first vineyard to appear in the literature Interestingly it was presented to Bertrand de Goth when he was appointed Archbishop of Bordeaux by his brother Bertrand. Bertrand, later on, was named Pope in 1306 and his papal name was Clement V – the pope that moved the papacy to Avignon and therewith inspired the invention of the name Chateauneuf du Pape … as well as the name of Chateau Pape Clement of course.

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