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Maillart Brut Platine – Champagner!

Ein ausgesprochen treuer Begleiter durch vergangene Champagner Eskapaden ist der Maillart Brut Platine aus dem kleinen Winzerchampagnerhaus Nicolas Maillart. Die Trauben für den Wein kommen ausschließlich aus Premier Cru und Grand Cru Lagen in der Champagne. Das Cuvée für den Brut Platine besteht aus 80 % Pinot Noir und 20 % Chardonnay, und es wird zum Teil in Barriques ausgebaut, um dem Champagner noch mehr Komplexität und Kraft mitzugeben.

Update 2021 – What is next?

I wanted to do a sit-down video, where I talk about the last year and my plans for this year on my channel. The truth is that this channel was pretty close to dying last year. I had started posting videos way back in 2014 when I set up my own business.

Bordeaux – Wine in 10

Today I am going to talk about a region that is today a bit controversial, even though it is one of the wine world classics. It is the region that has become the blueprint for High-End wine production and marketing. Often imitated but never duplicated: Bordeaux! Even though the region is so well known today it is not actually one of the oldest wine-growing regions.

Homemade wine pt. 2 – The wine experience

This is the second part of my step by step process on how to make white wine. I am racking and bottling my own Riesling wine from grapes.

Minerality in Wine Myth – The Wine Experience

Today I am going to talk about a controversial topic in the wine industry even though the science is pretty clear on the topic. I am going to dismantle the favorite term of many sommeliers, journalists and wine buyers: Minerality. If you type the term „minerality“ into an online dictionary you will get this result:… Weiter »