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Homemade wine pt. 2 – The wine experience

This is the second part of my step by step process on how to make white wine. I am racking and bottling my own Riesling wine from grapes.

Minerality in Wine Myth – The Wine Experience

Today I am going to talk about a controversial topic in the wine industry even though the science is pretty clear on the topic. I am going to dismantle the favorite term of many sommeliers, journalists and wine buyers: Minerality. If you type the term „minerality“ into an online dictionary you will get this result:… Weiter »

Dom Pérignon – The Wine Tasting

Today we are tasting stars to use a phrase that is associated with one of the most famous people from Champagne – Dom Perignon. The wine that I will talk about in this video is the freshly released 2010 Dom Perignon. Make sure that you stick around until the end for the tasting of this… Weiter »

Sparkling Wine – Wine in 10

This time I am talking about the marriage of CO2 and wine – Sparkling wine can have any color, any degree of sweetness, varies in alcoholic strength, and it comes from every corner of the wine world. What is different about producing sparkling wine is that the CO2 that develops during fermentation becomes an asset… Weiter »

Champagne – Wine in 10

Today we are talking about the region that has become the gold standard for wines with CO2, the place that puts the sparkle into sparkling wine: Champagne!