Champagne – Wine in 10

Today we are talking about the region that has become the gold standard for wines with CO2, the place that puts the sparkle into sparkling wine: Champagne!

Ridge Monte Bello – The Wine Tasting

Today we are tasting a new world classic – a wine as great as the vineyard it is from: the 2016 Ridge Monte Bello. Make sure that you stick around until the end for the tasting of this wine. The history of Ridge started in 1885 when Osea Perrone f

Homemade Wine pt 1 – The Wine Experience

This time we are doing something new. I will show you, in a step by step process, how to make white wine. Over the next weeks, I will try to make my own Riesling wine from grapes. In this video, I am going to talk about the harvest, the processing of the grapes, and the fermentation.