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Cabernet Sauvignon – Wine in 10

Today we are going to talk about a grape variety that rules the world, produces excellent wines, and has defined how people expect red wine to be. The variety is so famous that you can only say the first part of the name, and everyone knows what you are talking about: Cabernet Sauvignon.

California – Wine in 10

This region has changed the dynamics of New World wines forever. It is the Golden State, the home of La La Land and The City, and the place where dreams are made or die: California!

Leflaive Pucelles – The Wine Tasting

Leflaive Pucelles

Today we are going to taste one of the greatest white wines in the world – the 2013 Leflaive Puligny Montrachet Les Pucelles.

Chardonnay – Wine in 10

After talking about Riesling before I now need to talk about the other great white variety. The number one shapeshifter and terroir transporter: Chardonnay! It is the most widely planted white grape variety in the world after Airen – and Airen is also used for Brandy rather than wine. So you could argue that it… Weiter »

Burgundy’s Côte d’Or – Wine in 10

Burgundy in total includes almost 30.000 hectares (29.395 hectares). The Côte d’Or is in the middle of Burgundy and is the center for high-quality wines in the region. It is only roughly 50 km long and between Dijon and Santenay. The name either means the golden slope or it comes from Côte d’Orient as the… Weiter »