Cabernet Sauvignon – Wine in 10

Today we are going to talk about a grape variety that rules the world, produces excellent wines, and has defined how people expect red wine to be. The variety is so famous that you can only say the first part of the name, and everyone knows what you are talking about: Cabernet Sauvignon.

Süden – Grifalco Gricos Aglianico

Der Gricos aus diesem Jahrgang ist für mich eine besondere Entdeckung. Die Qualität dieses Einstiegsweins war nie besser. So sieht es auch Italienexperte Ian d’Agata von Vinous, der den Gricos unter die besten Aglianicos des Jahrgangs gewählt hat.

California – Wine in 10

This region has changed the dynamics of New World wines forever. It is the Golden State, the home of La La Land and The City, and the place where dreams are made or die: California!